Flag of Canada

The largest recording of O Canada in history ...celebrating the Flag of Canada’s 50th Anniversary.

Flag of Canada

In 2015, with the support of Canadian Heritage, Hometown Music Council travelled across Canada to celebrate our flag's 50th anniversary, promote music education and record over 28,000 kids at schools across Canada on the largest recording of O Canada in history.

From St. John’s …to Halifax …to Moncton …to Charlottetown …to Montreal …to Ottawa …to Winnipeg …to Regina …to Calgary …to Vancouver …to Whitehorse …to Yellowknife …to Iqaluit, and many cities in-between.

Please have a look around our website, have a look at the E-Book created by the kids, download the free curriculum based lesson plans, and of course have a listen to O Canada featuring the young proud Canadian voices.


O Canada English

O Canada Francais

O Canada English Francais

O Canada Francais English

Country English O Canada

Country Francais O Canada

Country English Francais O Canada

Country Francais English O Canada

Pop English O Canada

Pop Francais O Canada

Pop English Francais O Canada

Pop Francais English O Canada

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Free to use by all.  Public domain.

The Featured National Recording Artists
Vanier Elementary, St. John's, NF, 304 Students/Élèves
Hazelwood Elementary, St. John's, NF, 535 Students/Élèves
Spring Park Elementary, Charlottetown, PE, 530 Students/Élèves
Eliot River Elementary School, Charlottetown, PE, 452 Students/Élèves
Coxheath Elementary, Sydney, NS, 284 Students/Élèves
Mountainview Elementary School, Sydney, NS, 272 Students/Élèves
École Beaubassin, Halifax, NS, 468 Students/Élèves
Springvale Elementary School, Halifax, NS, 297 Students/Élèves
Liverpool Street Elementary, Fredericton, NB, 314 Students/Élèves
Lincoln Elementary Community School , Lincoln, NB, 164 Students/Élèves
Lakefield Elementary School, Saint John, NB, 492 Students/Élèves
Barnhill Memorial School, Saint John, NB, 364 Students/Élèves
Frank L. Bowser School, Moncton, NB, 313 Students/Élèves
Birchmount School, Moncton, NB, 460 Students/Élèves
Joamie School, Iqaluit, NU, 225 Students/Élèves
Nakasuk School, Iqaluit, NU, 308 Students/Élèves
The Priory School, Montreal, QC, 159 Students/Élèves
Saint Monica School, Montreal, QC, 211 Students/Élèves
Everest Elementary School, Quebec City, QC, 342 Students/Élèves
Walter E. Harris P.S., Oshawa, ON, 491 Students/Élèves
Caruthers Creek P.S., Ajax, ON, 725 Students/Élèves
St. Joseph French Immersion School, Bowmanville, ON, 451 Students/Élèves
Sir Samuel Steele P.S., Whitby, ON, 445 Students/Élèves
É.É.C Notre-Dame-de-la-Jeunesse, Ajax, ON, 254 Students/Élèves
Bobby Orr P.S., Oshawa, ON, 250 Students/Élèves
Mount Joy P.S., Markham, ON, 636 Students/Élèves
Boxwood P.S., Markham, ON, 354 Students/Élèves
St. Bernadette School, Mississauga, ON, 169 Students/Élèves
St. Simon Stock, Mississauga, ON, 338 Students/Élèves
Pauline Johnson P.S., Burlington, ON, 285 Students/Élèves
Sunningdale P.S., Oakville, ON, 434 Students/Élèves
Sandhills P.S., Kitchener, ON, 645 Students/Élèves
King Edward P.S., Kitchener, ON, 210 Students/Élèves
Our Lady of Providence, Brampton, ON, 528 Students/Élèves
Glendale P.S., Brampton, ON, 315 Students/Élèves
Driftwood P.S., Toronto, ON, 385 Students/Élèves
Lambton Kingsway Junior Middle School, Toronto, ON, 453 Students/Élèves
Maple Leaf P.S., Newmarket, ON, 312 Students/Élèves
ÉÉC Le-Petit-Prince, Vaughan, ON, 308 Students/Élèves
St. Jules C.E.S., Windsor, ON, 239 Students/Élèves
M.S. Hetherington P.S., Windsor, ON, 262 Students/Élèves
Lambeth P. S., London, ON, 542 Students/Élèves
John P. Robarts P.S., London, ON, 479 Students/Élèves
ÉÉC Notre-Dame, Hamilton, ON, 141 Students/Élèves
Richard Beasley Junior P.S., Hamilton, ON, 195 Students/Élèves
Cardinal Newman C.S., Niagara Falls, ON, 502 Students/Élèves
Sacred Heart C.S., Niagara Falls, ON, 300 Students/Élèves
St. Patrick C.S., Peterborough, ON, 249 Students/Élèves
Edmison Heights P. S., Peterborough, ON, 385 Students/Élèves
St. Michael C.S., Belleville, ON, 530 Students/Élèves
St. Joseph C.S., Belleville, ON, 310 Students/Élèves
Cataraqui Woods E.S., Kingston, ON, 384 Students/Élèves
Archbishop O'Sullivan C.S., Kingston, ON, 245 Students/Élèves
Académie catholique Ange-Gabriel, Brockville, ON, 250 Students/Élèves
Toniata Public School, Brockville, ON, 219 Students/Élèves
St Patrick E.S., Nepean, ON, 260 Students/Élèves
É. É. C. Sainte-Kateri, Ottawa, ON, 296 Students/Élèves
École St. Denis, Sudbury, ON, 386 Students/Élèves
MacLeod P.S., Sudbury, ON, 519 Students/Élèves
Whyte Ridge School, Winnipeg, MB, 385 Students/Élèves
École Marie-Anne Gaboury, Winnipeg, MB, 331 Students/Élèves
Meadows School, Brandon, MB, 401 Students/Élèves
King George School, Brandon, MB, 210 Students/Élèves
Sacred Heart, Regina, SK, 311 Students/Élèves
Argyle Elementary School, Regina, SK, 242 Students/Élèves
École College Park School, Saskatoon, SK, 489 Students/Élèves
Bishop Filevich Ukrainian Bilingual School, Saskatoon, SK, 190 Students/Élèves
Lago Lindo School, Edmonton, AB, 381 Students/Élèves
Dunluce School, Edmonton, AB, 439 Students/Élèves
Koinonia Christian School, Red Deer, AB, 98 Students/Élèves
Maryview School, Red Deer, AB, 240 Students/Élèves
Cranston School, Calgary, AB, 564 Students/Élèves
Calgary French & International School, Calgary, AB, 476 Students/Élèves
Bert Edwards Science and Technology School, Kamloops, BC, 201 Students/Élèves
St. Ann's Academy, Kamloops, BC, 203 Students/Élèves
Ocean Cliff Elementary, Surrey, BC, 322 Students/Élèves
Sikh Academy Fleetwood Elementary, Surrey, BC, 172 Students/Élèves
St. George's Junior School, Vancouver, BC, 355 Students/Élèves
Sir William Van Horne Elementary, Vancouver, BC, 379 Students/Élèves
Ruth King Elementary, Victoria, BC, 251 Students/Élèves
Cloverdale Traditional School, Victoria, BC, 270 Students/Élèves
J. H. Sissons School, Yellowknife, NT, 236 Students/Élèves
Weledeh Catholic School, Yellowknife, NT, 336 Students/Élèves
Grey Mountain Primary School, Whitehorse, YT, 64 Students/Élèves
Hidden Valley Elementary, Whitehorse, YT, 74 Students/Élèves


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See more videos from across Canada

As Hometown Music Council traveled across Canada producing the largest recording of O Canada in history, students at participating schools shared their thoughts on our flag.
Click here to see great videos by the kids on this historic recording.

Flag Of Canada - 50th Anniversary Celebrations







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